Logging Services


Trathen logging has been substantially harvesting timber in Western New York for more than 35 years. Trathen Logging is totally committed to sustainable forest management and stewardship practices. As New York State certified foresters, we are committed to utilizing best practices in planning, maintaining and harvesting forest resources. Forestry best practices have many benefits including sustainable harvesting can provide for a reliable source of income for property owners and an incentive to preserve the land.


Trathen Logging has been sustainably harvesting timber for more than 35 years. We are committed to only harvesting growth according to an owner approved plan. Harvesting is always accomplished with the least environmental and visual impact. In many instances, a properly managed harvest is not visually noticeable from a distance.  Contact Trathen Logging to discuss your harvesting requirements for today and tomorrow.


From high quality kiln dried lumber to bark mulch we produce a large array of products from our logging operations. Forests recharge groundwater than any other land use except wetlands. Forests also provide essential habitat for wildlife and plant life. Forest lands can be effective growth buffers while providing many recreational opportunities for the community like hiking, camping and hunting. The visual appeal of forests often enhances a community’s character.

Contact Trathen Logging to schedule a review and evaluation of your forest property and discuss how we may help you steward your valuable resource.